What I Wore: A Virgin of Guadalupe Skirt?!

Guadalupe OOTD
skirt - custom from VintageGaleria on etsy / shoes - Dr Scholl's via Zappos / shirt - Target / belt - thrifted / bracelet - FitBit / necklaces - MVJ award and gift from my derby wife 

I can't even put into words how much this new skirt excites me. Well, maybe you can kind of understand. I've featured my religious art collection on the blog before, so if you know that about me, you can probably imagine that this pattern is beyond cool to me.

Guadalupe OOTD

I had this skirt custom made in a circle skirt silhouette from VintageGaleria on Etsy because it was a fabric that I loved and had seen on someone via Instagram (naturally). I discovered that the skirt I saw on IG was actually a skirt sold a long long time ago (the Virgin Print Gypsy Skirt from Heartbreaker) and now unavailable anywhere. I was sad at first, until I realized that the fabric was available from VintageGaleria! Yay! I love when things work out so nicely.

Guadalupe OOTD

The skirt actually has a black elastic waistband (kind of like the bats skirt that I made), but it is easily covered up to look more dressy with a wide belt that I thrifted. And the prices at VintageGaleria are quite reasonable! A custom length (yay!) and the fabric of my choosing for around $50 before shipping. And it shipped super fast! I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Guadalupe OOTD

This fabric is too perfect! I think I'm going to buy one in a Hollywood horror movie monster print next...

Since I paired up my skirt with a basic black top, I decided to wear two of my favorite necklaces at the same time: my skate bearing necklace (better detail in this post) from Wanda, my derby wife (aka Meg, who does my hair) and my MVJ charm necklace award from my first bout!

Guadalupe OOTD

...I figured they went together because of the theme, and the mixing of metallic finished wasn't that important.

Are you having fun looking at all of the random stuff in the background of my photos yet? Even while I'm writing these posts, I keep spotting more and more "things" I hadn't noticed before. Maybe if you look at several OOTD posts in a row, you could play "spot the difference" from one day to the next with background items... :)

Guadalupe OOTD

Long time ago, I daydreamed about making my own clothing designs. Now, thanks to great sites like etsy and makers on Instagram, getting it done (and usually for less money and better quality) is easier than ever!

What favorite etsy shops do you have? Have you had a custom piece made before?

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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Unexpectedly Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom!

*** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. ***
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016
Hey guys, very soon it's going to be Mother's Day, and I was thinking... instead of the usual flowers or brunch date, how about snagging your mom (or yourself) a sweet gift inspired by the warm weather ahead - like an awesome swimsuit, tote, or other fun summer-y accessory? I made a list of cool stuff that I'd sure like to get as a Mother's Day gift - maybe it'll inspire you to shop as well!
  1. Llama I’m Coming Home Hamper
  2. On A Tide Note Swimsuit Top in Donuts 
  3. On A Tide Note Swimsuit Bottom in Donuts
  4. In Tune With The Tides Swimsuit Bottom in Mixtape
  5. In Tune With The Tides Swimsuit Top in Mixtape
  6. Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons
  7. Swoons and Tunes Headphones in Teal Roses
  8. Random Kindness Bag
  9. Mmmm Donut Pool Float
  10. On A Tide Note One-Piece Swimsuit in Donuts
Have you noticed my donut-y theme here? I can't decide if I love the donuts or mixtapes more... so hard to choose!

I love non-traditional or slightly left-of-center types of gifts. They're so much more fun and unexpected! You can find even more gift ideas for Mother's Day here!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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Junk to Gem – A Vintage Table's New Life as a Plant Stand

 photo IMG_8021_zpswu0sgwz2.jpg
Hello fellow vintage lovers,

First off… I’ve got to point out that I’m not a big fan of “updating” perfectly good vintage or antique furniture. The “buy it and slap some chalk paint on it” approach drives me a little crazy… That being said, there is nothing wrong with breathing new life into a vintage piece that is a little worse for wear. I like to repurpose vintage pieces that are either seemingly beyond repair or viewed as no longer useful. To me, it is fun to imagine all of the different possibilities for something viewed as junk. It helps keep history alive and waste out of landfills. photo IMG_8010_zpsdzizcxuw.jpgToday’s “Junk to Gem” project idea was born out of necessity (and lack of funds). I was planning on planting tall / climbing flowers to improve the view of the back corner of my yard. (Long story short…I have somewhat tubby (and furry) elderly neighbors who like to wear small swimwear to work in their backyard and unfortunately, my privacy fence has slats at the top). That particular corner of my yard is always wet so it’s hard to get anything to grow there. Thus, I was in dire need of a tall plant stand that would facilitate multiple tall / climbing plants. photo IMG_8007_zpsb59dyl3j.jpg Lucky for me, I had purchased a wobbly vintage table at a thrift store for $3.00 last year. Someone had already painted over it with chalk paint and since I wasn’t able to remove the paint, I started using it as a temporary plant stand in my back yard. Fast forward to this weekend…I was cleaning up all of my planters from last year and noticed that the top of the table had peeled up from the base. I peeled the rest of the top off the frame and noticed that the frame height was perfect for my back corner.  photo IMG_8011_zpsq2f6hfxc.jpg I found some Elmer’s glue in my kitchen junk drawer and started pour and painting glue into all of the table frame’s joints to try and stabilize it a little. While that was drying, I scoured my shed for something to place inside the frame that would work for planting. Originally, I was looking for a plastic tub or one large container, but I was pleasantly surprised that two plastic planters I had laying around fit perfectly into the table frame.  photo IMG_8013_zpsvc1ysqnz.jpg Since the pots were aqua in color, I decided to get out my aqua spray paint and paint the frame a bright aqua color…unfortunately, my paint ran out before I could get great coverage on the frame, but I guess it gives it a little character. I then sprayed the whole thing with some clear sealer just to give it a little extra water protection.  photo IMG_8017_zpsvfcgopwg.jpg Once the contraption was dry, I put it in place, filled each pot with potting soil and planted Hollyhocks and Clematis. I am now crossing my fingers that we have an extremely great growing season and those babies grow sky high and all the way down my fence line.

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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