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Happy Memorial Day!!!
I'm itchin' for a summer road trip! Furthermore, I've decided that once I get fired...or have save up enough $$ (whichever comes first), I'm road tripping it around the US! It's happening, folks! While doing my research...I came across this SWEET website - RoadsideAmerica.com. It basically a map to all of the most amazing roadside attractions across the USA. So here are my top 5 favorite roadside attractions courtesy of RoadsideAmerica.com
 photo Teepee_zps2smck0ge.jpg 1. Wigwam Village Motel 2, Cave City, Kentucky
This one is hands down one of my favs...Not only is it only 3 hours & 50 minutes away from my home town, it's a freakin' motel made out of concrete tee pees!!! I have a feeling this would be A LOT like camping and a lot LESS like the hilton, but whatever...worth a try once.
 photo Bunny_zpscftwx4om.jpg 2. Henry's Ra66it Ranch, Staunton, Illinois
Aside from rabbits being my favorite animals...and this guy being AWESOME...Perhaps my most favorite thing about this place is, "The Tale of Ears, a graveyard complete with tiny tombstones for the Ranch's 30+ former residents. Rich keeps track of which bunnies bonded in life so that they eventually can be buried together. A Tomb of the Unknown Bunny, still a work in progress, is for wild rabbits that become Route 66 casualties." - See more here 
 photo Tina_zpszeht5csb.jpg 3. Tina Turner Museum, Brownsville, Tennessee
It's Tina TURNER! How could you drive past this!? Apparently, it's located in the one room school house that she attended as a child...It really can't be that big, but it's still kick ass.
 photo Casket_zpsm1wlq3vo.jpg 4. The National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, Texas
This one's for Jen... Not only can you hold your corporate events and parties there (I would TOTALLY throw the raddest company Halloween Party...Just sayin')...BUT you can see a crab casket and they have a Deaths of the Popes Gallery.
 photo wild-west_zpssmbcv3pq.jpg 5. Living Ghost Town - Burros and Gunfights, Oatman, Arizona  
This looks like beautiful and unbridled organized chaos like you've never seen it before...Basically a daily reenactment of the Wild West...in the middle of nowhere....This looks like something I HAVE to experience at some point.

There you have it! My top five CRAZY awesome must see spots!

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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#OWWWA: Coles Phillips

OWWWA: Coles Phillips
shoes - Converse / (invisible) jeans - Target / shirt - King Diamond / bracelet - FitBit

This week's #OnWednesdayWeWearArt feature is on American artist and illustrator Coles Phillips. He is known for images commonly referred to as "fadeaway girls," where the background merges with the foreground and the negative space created completes (or incompletes?) the picture.

My shoddy Photoshop skills have been put to use to re-create my own version of a fadeaway girl for my OOTD (outfit of the day) photos. See below for the original.

OWWWA: Coles Phillips
Illusion, 1912

Phillips owned his own advertising agency, and one of his employees was a young Edward Hopper (of Nighthawks fame)!

OWWWA: Coles Phillips

Here is my original photo. I decided to forgo the idea of dressing "as" a painting or artistic style, and instead just emulate the fadeaway style using Photoshop as an after effect. I took photos using two backgrounds: the brick wall, and my garage door. I think that the brick wall was the more successful of the two, but I have an example of the garage door image if you scroll further down.

OWWWA: Coles Phillips
A Young Man's Fancy, 1911
Phillips painted using watercolors, which also happens to be one of my favorite mediums at the moment. His wife, Teresa, was frequently his model during his early years.

OWWWA: Coles Phillips

See? I told you my Photoshop is sub-par. Now that I'm trying to edit this effect, the smart girl would have taken a photo of just the background, and then with me in front. That would have made this entire task SO much easier. Sheesh. Live and learn.

Original photo below:

OWWWA: Coles Phillips

OWWWA: Coles Phillips

Phillips created many covers for magazines, most famously Life and Good Housekeeping. An unexpected benefit of Phillips' technique was that less colors were needed to print the covers (as opposed to full-color printing), and therefore the cost to print the magazines were less, which the publishers very much liked!

OWWWA: Coles Phillips
Net Results, 1911

I love this spiderweb image above! You can tell that this is an early image, as it is signed "C. Coles Phillips," as opposed to just "Coles Phillips" (his first name was Clarence). Phillips died of tuberculosis of the kidneys when he was only forty-seven.

OWWWA: Coles Phillips

As far as my actual outfit for the day, this is pretty typical of how I'm dressing lately. I'm loving stretchy jeans rolled to a crop with gym shoes: Vans or flats, or these awesome new Converse hi-tops with Black Sabbath's Paranoid on them! (Link is to these shoes on eBay; however, I found these for $34.99 at my local outlet mall Converse store!)

I'm also finally at a place where my L/XL girly concert shirts are fitting again, so I'm getting into wearing those a lot. My favorite ones are this King Diamond shirt, and my Ghost shirt. This is good summer wear! I only have a couple weeks left, and then it's summer vacation! I'm free!

#OnWednesdaysWeWearArt is a feature originally created by Courtney over at My Friend Court. Please be sure to stop by to see what's going on in her #OWWWA world!

Rock On,
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Gadgets + Accessories for Tech-Savvy Girls

tech gadgets + accessories

I was having one of those weeks where I could not come up with a good blog post... I was messing around on my phone, and I got the less-than 20% battery alert. I reached into my bag of tech stuff to find a cord, and I thought, "Hey! I have a lot of cute girly/creative tech gadgets that I should be sharing!" and thus this post was born. Of course, my proclamation of "girly" does not mean that guys can't enjoy them, too, just that I'm a girl and I think that they're pretty darn awesome.

Since a low battery was my original post inspiration, I'll start with some charging options:

tech gadgets + accessories

The battery pack with the hearts on it is from Ban.do. You charge the pack ahead of time via your computer (and a separate cord), and then you stash it in your tech bag. When your phone is getting low, you plug the pack into the phone. This will slowly charge your device back up, even if you're using your phone at the same time. Ban.do actually offers several different designs on these packs. They cost $30 each, and are for iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus.

The long black and white charger is from the Target dollar spot! I think it only cost me $3? Maybe $5. Not sure. But this charger uses two AA batteries! I think it's a great idea for travel when you're stuck on a plane/train/bus or in the car and you can't recharge your battery pack. Just hit up a convenience store, grab a couple of batteries, and you're all charged up and ready to go! The end of this charger has a USB port, so you'll need your charger cable in addition to this battery pack to make it work.

Speaking of cables and USBs...

tech gadgets + accessories: USB connectors

My laptop never has enough USB ports. I found this really cool lightning bolt USB via Kikkerland. Looks like they don't have this version on their site anymore, but they do have a super cute cloud version!

During the holiday season of 2013, the CDFA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) partnered up with eBay and a bunch of designers to sell these magnetized "tech" bracelets that act as cords to connect your devices to your laptop (it comes with several adapters for the end). It sounded really cool, so I bought one.

tech gadgets + accessories: bracelet

I was excited to get the leopard-printed Rachel Zoe design. Although it looks cool, I kept knocking the magnet (and thus my bracelet off) and I was worried that I'd lose it. So I stash it in my tech bag, and don't really wear it as an actual bracelet. Great idea, though!

tech gadgets + accessories: USB drives

Cute USB flash drives are very inexpensive and pretty easy to find nowadays. The moustache drive was a gift from Steph, and the cute little rainbow guy is from MimoBot. (Side note: Mimoco also sells "Power Tubes" (like my dollar spot version above) and "Power Bots," which are external rechargeable power sources.) I love Mimobots because the designs are so cute - they have Hello Kitty, Tokidoki, and Adventure Time designs, and more!

tech gadgets + accessories: stylus

I'm kind of a newbie at making art on my iPad/iPhone, but I love playing around! I have two different stylus options that I really love: The first is my Adonit Jot Pro stylus (I have an older model), which has a clear disc at the tip that allows you to see exactly where you're drawing.

My second fun drawing tool for mobile devices is the Sensu Solo Paintbrush. For $24.99, I get the tactile experience of painting with a brush, but with digital results! These brushes come in really fun colors, too. You can see it in action on my Instagram here.

tech gadgets + accessories: decals

You've probably seen laptop and iPad decals before, but I just love digging through Etsy to see all of the creative options out there! I chose this Virgin Mary design for my laptop. My previous laptop model had a sugar skull decal. And I've always loved this wood-grain design for iPad.

tech gadgets + accessories: cases + speaker

Not in the mood for a decal on your mobile device? There are literally a zillion options for phone and iPad cases out there. I like to look at my local TJMaxx/HomeGoods/Ross stores for cute designs at low prices. That's where my black/white heart iPad case came from.

My iPhone case is my own personal artwork! I drew myself as a LEGO minifigure (it's an assignment that I do with 6th grade art classes), and had my artwork put onto a phone case via our Artsonia gallery and store. It's a cool digital art gallery/digital portfolio service for K-12 schools, and I get to have my own gallery a a teacher. I'd never taken advantage of the store before to purchase printed items, but I'm so glad that I finally did! This is too cute!

The other important item in the pic above is my Ban.do gem speaker! It's great for playing music from your laptop or mobile device, as well as an awesome decorative piece for your desk! (Pro tip: I like to bring this speaker into the bathroom for some tunes when I'm doing my hair and makeup in the morning!)

tech gadgets + accessories: cord winder

When I saw this donut earphone winder at Mochi Things, I couldn't not snap it up! They have a bunch of super cute earphone winders on their site for purchase.

This zipper pouch with glasses motif was a Michael's find from way back when, but it's my main tech bag for all of my gadgets - it's so easy to toss into my backpack, luggage, or work bag so that I have all of my essentials when I'm on the go! I love zipper pouches, and always have my eye out for cute ones to add to my collection. A good source for cute inexpensive zipper pouches is Forever 21.

Ok, so technically not a "tech" gadget, but:

tech gadgets + accessories: binder clips

Binder clips are a must for my tech bag! They're a great way to keep my cords together and free from tangles. My favorite source for cute binder clips right now is Target!

tech gadgets + accessories: DIY cords

Speaking of cords, once upon a time, I posted on the blog about a DIY project to personalize your earbud cords, with the added bonus of non-tangle-ability! (Is that a word? Well, it is now!) See the details on how here.

tech gadgets + accessories: ringly

One last thought: I heard about this new gadget called Ringly and I am dying to get my hands on one! This one pictured here, called Dive Bar, is my favorite.

Well, I hope that you've discovered at least one (maybe more) new tech gadget or accessory to add to your arsenal! I've always got my eye out for new cute stuff, and if you've got anything fun to add to my list, please let me know!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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