DIY Industrial Crate Nightstand

DIY industrial crate nightstand

I've been kind of restless and unsatisfied lately with things in the house. I mean, I love my house and all, but when things stay the same too long, I start to get restless. Our bedroom has felt unfinished to me for a while now.

We've made a couple of major changes in the room. First, we got rid of our dressers completely and installed Elfa shelving and drawers in our closet, so all of our clothes fit in there. It was nice because it created more floor space in our tiny master bedroom. But then I put a giant wooden vanity in there, which sucked up a lot of room - until I moved it to the art studio.

In creating more floor space, I realized that I never had a proper nightstand next to the bed to put my stuff on! I came up with a creative solution, inspired by this pin.

DIY industrial crate nightstand

Wooden crates are stained with a dark color, and attached to the wall via screws and anchors. I love how much space this creates!

I have room to charge my phone and place my glasses before I go to sleep. I can also keep some books for reading and a wooden dish (thrifted for a dollar!) for my jewelry that would otherwise be scattered about the room.

I also keep a Salem candle from Burke + Hare Co. on top because it just might be my favorite smell, ever.

DIY industrial crate nightstand

I bought this clamp light at IKEA so that I now have a little reading light, too!

The crates were purchased from Michael's craft stores and were quite inexpensive - $14 each - before any coupons or sales! Definitely less than you'd pay for a nightstand! I love the modern industrial feel that it has. If you didn't feel like staining the crates, you could use them in their natural state, or even paint them!

I've also been considering re-painting the bedroom walls... not sure which direction to go with it. Gray? Tone-on-tone stripes?

DIY industrial crate nightstand

The bottom shelf I typically have to leave empty, as Iggy has taken to using it to store his water cup and some toys in the wee hours of the morning. Ugh, mom life.

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Vintage Goodies & More Available This Weekend!

 photo Photo-12_zpsfl0sou54.jpg
Hi y'all!! :)
If you live in the Chicago area and don't have anything to do this weekend, we're holding an open house to celebrate women who own local businesses! Jen and I will be setting up shop in Villa Park!
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I'll have Calamity Layne going full force! Vintage clothing housewares and even furniture for sale!
All of the pictured "new" items will be available for purchase as well!
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Are you interested in networking, shopping, and hanging out with some amazing ladies this weekend? Comment below if you want more info!

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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#OnWednesdaysWeWearArt: Monochromatic

#OWWWA: Monochromatic
boots - BCBG via DSW / tights - We Love Colors / sweater skirt - DIY / shirt - Domino Dollhouse / jacket - Guess / sunglasses - Moschino via TJMaxx / lips - MAC NastyGal "Gunner"

Check me out - I've got two #OnWednesdayWeWearArt posts in a row! This is awesome! This week's theme is "monochromatic." I've gotta tell you guys, I worked REALLY hard to not make my monochromatic outfit all-black. It would be just too easy for me, right? So I challenged myself to find pieces in another color... and I came up with purple!

#OWWWA: Monochromatic

I love my purple winter coat. Can you see that it's missing a button on the top? I have the worst luck with coat buttons. Then I get sick of sewing them back on all of the time, so I just keep the button in my pocket, usually until the following winter when I forget that I did that.

My Domino Dollhouse "Edge" top in Amethyst is nearly the exact same color as my coat. I love this shirt, even though it's getting a little bit big on me. I may try to alter it so I can keep wearing it... that's how much I love it! I'm wearing it with a skirt here (to show off my tights), but I often wear this with leggings and it looks awesome and is super comfy! I absolutely love the asymmetrical hem and I wish I had more pieces like this.

#OWWWA: Monochromatic

I do own a lot of colorful tights. In fact, these tights are a tad bit more pink-ish than purple (my straight up purple ones were in the wash), but it's the same color family. So it works.

Something that is monochromatic is something that is all one color, or mostly one color. By "one color," that means the original hue, plus all of the lights and darks of that hue.

#OWWWA: Monochromatic
Sunflowers, Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

Van Gogh's Sunflowers painting is monochromatic yellow. There are many shades of yellow in this painting, and there are a few non-yellow colors, but overall it is mostly yellow. So this counts.

My DIY sweater skirt was first featured on the blog here.

#OWWWA: Monochromatic

Pablo Picasso went through a couple of monochromatic periods in his painting career. The Rose Period and the Blue Period are pretty well-known.

#OWWWA: Monochromatic
Seated Harlequin, Pablo Picasso, Rose Period
#OWWWA: Monochromatic
The Old Guitarist, Pablo Picasso, 1903-04, Blue Period

The Old Guitarist is part of the collection right here at the Art Institute of Chicago, so I've been lucky to see it in person several times.

As I was heading outside in the cold to take my outfit photos for today, I remembered my purplish sunglasses that I just purchased recently from TJMaxx. They're Moschino, so this made me excited as I've been obsessed with that damn dinosaur sweater I've mentioned before that also happens to be Moschino. Sunglasses do not = dinosaur sweater, but whatever.

#OWWWA: Monochromatic

I'm so freaking festive that I even made my makeup fit the theme. This was actually super easy because purple eyeshadow is my most favorite eyeshadow, and purple lipstick is my new favorite thing to buy. This one is "Gunner" from the MAC x NastyGal collaboration and it's sold out. You'll have to pay an exorbitant amount for it on eBay now, which is what suckers like myself did. Doh!

OWWWA logo

Be sure to stop by My Friend Court and Unbelievably Human (the originators of #OnWednesdayWeWearArt) to see what's happening in their #OWWWA worlds!

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