#OWWWA: Piet Mondrian

OWWWA: Mondrian
tights - We Love Colors / shoes - thrifted / dress - eShakti / cardigan - Voodoo Vixen (gifted by my mom!) / necklaces - vintage / lipstick - Adora by Kat Von D for Sephora

It's Wednesday! Welcome to #OnWednesdayWeWearArt - this week's theme is the art of Piet Mondrian. Mondrian was a Dutch painter, and part of the De Stijl movement.

The artists of De Stijl (meaning "The Style") advocated total abstraction by simplifying art down to it's purest elements. Visual compositions used only primary colors along with black and white, and lines were used in vertical and horizontal directions.

OWWWA: Mondrian  OWWWA: Mondrian

I surprised myself that I was even able to put together an outfit that fit this theme, but I did, and it's one of my favorite #OWWWA outfits to date! I was actually doing a closet clean-out the other day when I stumbled across this yellow and black cardigan gifted to me by my mom. I had stashed it in my "too small/save for the future" bin. Periodically, I go through the bin and my closet, and add pieces in that fit, and cull some of my items that have gotten too big.

I was thinking of color-blocking and the work of Piet Mondrian when I came across my eShakti dress, first featured here. I've never been a huge fan of the blank white top of this dress, but I do love the fluffy skirt, so I will often pair it with a sweater... but never this one before! I love the combination together, so I'm sure I'll pair this up more often in the future.

OWWWA: Mondrian
Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue, 1921

Fun fact: Mondrian started out as a primary teacher before becoming a painter full-time! Seems appropriate, as the colors of his paintings remind me of elementary school. Primary teacher - primary colors... yep.

OWWWA: Mondrian

I was excited to discover that I actually owned a pair of red tights, as this was exactly what my black/white/yellow dress combination needed! These thrifted mary-jane style flats from last week are comfy enough to wear all day at work.

OWWWA: Mondrian
Tableau I, 1921
OWWWA: Mondrian

The whole Mondrian effect works better when I wear the sweater closed, but the buttons pull a bit, and the top of my dress lays weird (it's a little too big for me now) and bunched weird in the chest, which looks weird under the sweater. So I wore this with the cardigan open IRL on this day, but I snapped a few photos so that you can get the full effect. :)

These necklaces (there are two - the pink is one necklace and the mint is a separate double-strand) are vintage. The pink one was gifted to me by Steph several years ago for my birthday, and only recently I've discovered how great these necklaces look paired together! The plain white top of the dress inspired me to try out something chunky and more colorful in a necklace, and I love how it turned out.

Also of note is my garage door in these photos - I've used it as a background before, but the primary colors against the neutral value scale of the door really make it pop! Perhaps I'll do a blog post this summer on our repainted garage. It's very art-teacher-y, and unlike any other garages I've seen around.

OWWWA: Mondrian
Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1943

Mondrian's later paintings, like Broadway Boogie Woogie (seen above) are inspired by big band/swing music (some of my favorites!) and his New York/Manhattan surroundings, which is where he moved to and lived later in life.

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Be sure to stop by My Friend Court and Unbelievably Human (the originators of #OnWednesdayWeWearArt) to see what's happening in their #OWWWA worlds!

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Roller Derby Essentials

Roller Derby Gear

I've been skating with Derby Lite now for two years! I talked about them on the blog back in 2013, and I've been skating ever since April of that year. I broke my elbow (while skating) and had to have two screws put in, which meant a break from skating for a couple of months, and then took a second break during my bariatric surgery recovery. But I've always come back, and skating is one of the things that I love to do the most!

I recently bought all new gear (my helmet and my pads had both gotten too big!) and it seemed like a good time to go over all of the gear that one should have in order to skate, including some of my favorite recommendations, starting with skates!

Roller Derby Gear

First, you've gotta have skates! I started out with a very basic skate issued to me via Derby Lite. But two Christmases ago, I purchased a new custom pair of skates. I blogged all about it here. Notice all of the wear love that's been given to this pair over the last year!

I recently upgraded my toe stops, and I love them! They're Crazy Bloc toe stops. Because they're so big and flat, they're perfect for walking on and using to help get a running start.

Roller Derby Gear

I also customize my skates with colored laces and a pair of toe guards via DerbyVixen on Etsy.

Roller Derby Gear

I started out in derby with a Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet, but I just upgraded to an S1 black glitter helmet, and it's amazing! I've only gotten so far as to get my name on the back, but I think I'll get myself a new Dio decal for the side soon...

Roller Derby Gear

Pads: Knee, Elbow, and Wrist Guards:
Our basic derby kit came with Triple Eight pads for all of the above. I ended up switching to a pair of Killer 187 knee pads, and they are hands-down the most comfortable things to ever fall on! But they are bulky - ridiculously bulky. When I noticed that my gear was getting too big for me and that I would need to get new gear, I went all fancy and purchased this coordinating purple leopard set from Smith Scabs. You don't need to buy all three together as a set, but sometimes you can get a good deal if you do. My set was on sale at Medusa Skates!

Roller Derby Gear

A mouthguard is a required piece of gear if you're skating derby. You can buy cheap (but bulky) mouthguards for only a few bucks, or you can spend a little more and get a colorful and slim mouthguard like this one from Sisu. Mine is purple (but I posted the stock photo in lieu of my actual chewed up guard), and I love that I can talk and drink water comfortably while wearing it. Even if I do look like I was just in a fist fight and got my teeth knocked out. :)

Optional Gear:
The next few items are not requirements for skating, but are additional/fun items that you can try out or treat yourself to...

Roller Derby Gear

These are sleeves that go under your knee pads, made from neoprene and designed to help absorb sweat. I bought them mostly just because they were purple, and I wanted to find something to help keep my knee pads from shifting when I had slippery leggings on. I usually don't wear them, but I know girls who swear by them!

Roller Derby Gear

Customized Leg Warmers:
I bought these on a whim the same winter that I got my new skates. Every time I wear them I get compliments, and they sure are convenient on those really chilly winter nights! I love that the heel end is made to fit over the heel of your skates. There's usually a little wait to get these, since they're custom, but it's totally worth it. By BlazingNeedles on Etsy.

Roller Derby Gear

Outdoor Skates:
I just bought these for myself last week! After skating outdoors in the St. Patrick's day parade this year, I decided that I should skate outside more. These skates by Moxi are super cute (they come in purple, red, pink, and turquoise besides the mint pictured above!) and they come with wheels designed for outdoor use. This is definitely a luxury item (not needed for derby at all), and I'm told that the heel makes skating on them an adjustment from derby skates, but I can't wait to bust out these babies this summer!

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A New Spin on Vintage Breakfast!

 photo Vintage_Housewife2_zpsafipe9nt.jpg

Good morning, everyone!

If you're busy like me a good breakfast can be difficult to come by during the week. Especially on Monday morning...I miss the luxury & comfort of the good old fashioned bacon and eggs. Well, this weekend I had an epiphany and I've had bacon and eggs at work every morning this week! :) Check out this new spin on an old favorite!

You will need:
  • Bacon cut into (turkey or regular)
  • 6 Eggs
  • Salt + pepper
  • Muffin tin
 photo Photo-16 copy_zpssa7a5ilm.jpg

1) Pre-heat your oven to 375.

2) Cut your bacon strips in half and place in muffin tin in a X formation.

3) Bake bacon for 5 minutes and then pull out of the oven.

4) You can make your eggs however you want (scrambled, over easy, etc...), but pour egg mixture or crack 1 egg over each bacon X.

 photo Photo-15 copy_zpshoqkxeha.jpg
5) Bake for 10 minutes or until eggs look done enough for you!

 photo Photo-14 copy_zps0zob7kso.jpg

You can freeze these little guys or keep them in a tupperware and have one for breakfast when you get to work! I mean, that's what I do...if you're responsible and have breakfast before work you can have them at home to! ;)


Until next time!

~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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Deep Blue Something: Breakfast at Tiffany's 
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