TGIF DIY Detox Bath

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I haven't been THIS happy that it's Friday in a LONG time. To celebrate, I'm going to jump in a hot bath with my favorite homemade, natural, and CHEAP bath time treat! 

Ridiculously Easy, Detoxifying, & Natural Essential Oil Bath Salts Recipe

You will need:
  • Epsom Salt ($4 - $6 depending on where you shop) 
  • Baking Soda (dollar store…$1) 
  • Essential oil scent of your choice (prices range by scent, but you can get lavender anywhere from $4 – $10 or more if you're getting fancy...I just want something soothing to ensure I don't punch someone) 
  • Container (anything laying around the house) 
NOTE - If there is a Trader Joe’s near you, you can buy all of this stuff there at the best prices. 

1) Mix 1 cup of Epsom salt with a tablespoon of baking soda and 6 to 8 drops of essential oil.
2) Throw a few scoops in your bath water and enjoy. 

Ingredient Facts
Epsom Salt - a natural exfoliant and anti-inflammation remedy that can be used to treat dry skin, sore muscles, small wounds and even to fight illness.

Baking Soda - known for its cleansing ability and leaves skin soft 

Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender is an adaptogen, and therefore can assist the body when adapting to stress or imbalances. It is a great aid for relaxing and winding down before bedtime, yet has balancing properties that can also boost stamina and energy.

Time to relax!!!!!

Until next time,
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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Bento Report, V.3

It's that time again! What's for lunch, Jen?

Bento Report, V.3

  1. Edamame on a stick, because cute
  2. Mini Tupperware o'vitamins
  3. Hard-boiled egg (in a sweet holder) from Kawaii Japanese Outlet (now closed, boo)
  4. Leftovers: Quinoa cooked in miso broth with broccoli
  5. Tiny Greek salad skewers: kalamata olives, cucumber, and feta

Bento Report, V.3

  1. Edamame nuggets from Trader Joe's
  2. Babybel white cheddar cheese
  3. Clementine orange
  4. Kiwi fruit
  5. String cheese chunks and grapes on skewers
  6. Mini Tupperware o'vitamins

Bento Report, V.3

  1. Grape tomatoes and kalamata olives
  2. Gardein fishless filets
  3. Kiwi fruit
  4. Mini Tupperware o'vitamins
  5. Babybel with star cutout
  6. Home-made tartar sauce (w/Veganaise)
  7. Edamame on skewers

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Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch
boots - MooShoes / leggings - Target / dress - target / glasses - ASOS / necklace - etsy
I don't actually like taking outfit photos at work. Mostly because I don't like work, and I don't identify myself in that job/role anymore, yet I'm forced to perform the song-and-dance every day. It's depressing to see myself in that setting. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to all-black all the time, more so than ever before in my life. My outer can match my inner.

I'm pretty excited about some new items and accessories I've acquired lately in this whole aesthetic. (Sidenote: I'm also excited to now be able to wear my wedding rings again!)

Season of the Witch

My simple black t-shirt dress from Target was first featured on this post, where it looks slightly more cheerful with a colored scarf and some tights. Today though is leggings and combat boots, and my new necklace, which I purchased almost immediately after seeing it on Suski at Desperate Hell. I found mine on Etsy from a shop called Boholysm.

I'd been searching for the perfect round sunglasses for a while now, and was excited to find them for only $10 on ASOS.com! If you're looking for sunglasses, this is a great place to shop, as the price range and style range is HUGE. Great selection!

Season of the Witch

The only downside to a crescent moon necklace is that it's basically a giant hook that gets stuck on everything. I've pulled the jump ring twice already and replaced it with a new (hopefully stronger) one. Whoops.

Season of the Witch

My trusty old well-worn combat boots. I'm always searching for new shoes, but these never let me down.

Season of the Witch

Glasses selfie detail. Somebody tell this gurl to put on some lipstick, dang!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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