Monday Love, V.4

Iggy and I have become big fans of Erika's bento box videos on YouTube. After only watching a couple, Iggy declared Erika his "girlfriend" and asked to watch more. Hopefully there will be some new ones soon!

Find her on tumblr, too: http://lunchisabattlefield.tumblr.com/

Have you ever tried out using Gazelle to sell your old phone or laptop? I have - twice! It was an awesome experience both times. I sold my iPhone 3 (heh heh) and my old MacBookPro to Gazelle, and couldn't be happier. They were just sitting on a shelf, gathering dust - why not get some extra cash for them?

Blick Wishlist
It should come as no surprise that I love art supply shopping. Here are some of my favorites and things that I'd like to try from Blick:
  1. Pilot Bravo Marker Pens
  2. Papermate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick
  3. Zig Memory System Millennium Markers
  4. Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener - aka the best sharpener ever
  5. Moleskine Cahier Notebooks
My Keiko Lynn glasses from BonLook arrived! I ordered the "Miku Mint" color. They're definitely a statement accessory, but I'm so excited to have them! I've been wanting a change from my usual black glasses, and meaning to try something new. These are good.

Glasses and Pin

I ordered a super cute brooch from Luxulite, and I am in love! The size of these pins are really substantial, and I really like that. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to snag a Halloween brooch this year - I really want one, but they go so fast!

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Beer, Dairy and madness....

Beer n Cheeeeese

As I have stated many times before, I am from Long Island, NY. Being that I am not a native Midwesterner I am curious about the surrounding states. While growing up on the East coast I visited Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Maryland and so many others but other than my trip driving here and a brief trip to Michigan I have yet to explore my new "Home". I have been bugging Shane to take me to Wisconsin as there are many places I have wanted to see, and I hope one day I can live my "Lavern and Shirley" fantasy in Milwaukee. But until then Shane stays put and I needed my incredible friend Cheryl (who is from Wisconsin) to take me under her wing for a brief tour of Wisconsin and taste some of it's beer and cheese!


We left early on Labor day weekend and our first stop was Madison and its glorious and beautiful farmers market that surrounds the capitol. Unfortunately it started raining when we got there but we still were able to walk around (and get soaked!) and taste many things from the market and soak in the fresh produce...Cheese curds! The "Taste of Madison" was also going on that day so after shopping and wandering we stalked the "Curd Girl" booth for more (and better) cheese curds as these were fried up and served with amazing sauces! We also popped into "The Great Dane" pub for a quick beer, because when you are in Wisconsin, you drink beer...even at 11am!


After leaving Madison we had a long drive to her Sisters house. We had fun thrift shopping, stopping at farm stands and enjoying that tasty frozen cider, snacking on this crazy popcorn I found at the farmers market and enjoying a scenic overlook.

See that ceramic stuff up there? I regret being good for once and not getting it. I found it at a shop on State Street in Madison. Its by "Fishs Eddy" and this is their Brooklyn line. Cheryl thought she was so funny making fun of my accent when she found these. I may need to go back and get them....and eat more curds!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing at her sisters house. Where we were mostly everything is closed on a Sunday and that was ok...after her sister and friends "forced" me into a drinking game on Saturday night I was in no shape to do anything BUT relax!


On our way home we got to cross a MAJOR thing off my Wisconsin "Bucket list" and that was the "House on The Rock". I was so happy it was open as it was Labor Day and so many places were closed. There are no words for the madness that is inside this place. A very rich and eccentric man collected a ton of crazy stuff and put it all into this huge house. Part of the house is built in rock, there is an infinity room that stretches out far with few supports (which I read AFTER I walked in there) and just collection upon collection upon collection upon collection....dolls, crazy organs that play, a million carved ivory tusks and just insanity. I swear my brain hurt for days after leaving here. When something is crazy to me, its REALLY crazy. But AWESOME at the same time. When I got to the room with the huge carousel inside, Cheryl said my mouth was hanging open in awe and I was silent.
I am never silent...the HOTR made me speechless. It is worth a road trip, pictures and explanations do not even touch what this place is. Its's a must see to believe.

more madness

After the house we were hungry and since the brewery I wanted to go to (New Glarus) was sadly closed, Cheryl ended up surprising me and taking me to a town that is known for TROLLS (yes, trolls...wooden trolls EVERYWHERE!) and a tasty pub there called "Grumpy Troll". Even though we were full we still stopped at this tasty ice cream place because in Wisconsin you have some ice cream! Boy did I eat so many veggies when I got home!

P.S. You can check out Jen's trip to House on The Rock in 2012 here, too!

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Steph's Sweet Thrift Store Finds

 photo Title_zps400c2ba7.jpgHello!!!
Are you ready for this week's super awesome thrift store finds?? I have had absolutely NO will power this week in regards to my pocketbook...but seriously...these were too good to pass up! I'll just eat more ramen next week. ;) Ok! First up...

TWO Vintage Cherry Red Weekender Bags
 photo redbags_zpsd27cda02.jpg
These two weekender bags are 57 Chevy cherry red and any rockabilly girl's dream. Perfect as carry ons or for  weekend getaway!...I LOVE them...At least one of them will be up for sale at next weekend's Vintage Garage, so if you're interested come out on the 21st!

MINT Remington Rand Typewriter
 photo typewriter_zpsc6cab5f3.jpg
It seems when I'm trying to save the MOST money is when I find the coolest stuff (hey, I'm not complaining!). I don't think this thing has ever been used. It's in immaculate condition and the case STILL has the key attached. Not gonna lie, I might be keeping this one...

Genuine Leather Three Ring Binder
 photo leatherbinder_zps8efffe78.jpg
I have no idea how old this is, but I had to snatch it up. It's super heavy duty and REAL leather. Great for any papers you want to keep safe...OR a picture album!
"Table for Ladies..." Sign
 photo vintagelookingsign_zps17add06a.jpg
Again, not sure how old this is, but I thought it was hilarious and I am hanging it in my studio. more than likely it will be next to my desk. ;)

Mid Century Wall Sconces 
 photo Sconses_zpse908dce5.jpg
These may have originally come with a clock, but I couldn't find it...SO, they're mine now! They're hung lovingly in my living room next to the Mid Century Danish bar.

Alright! That's what I got this week! I'm going to be living off of ramen and water for the next week, but it was worth it!!! ;)

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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